A new beginning...

Sounds like a movie subtitle, doesn't it?

It was about time that I got round to updating xen.dk. The old site was from around 2002, and most of the content was of an equal age.

A lot have happened since. I've moved from Svendborg to Glostrup, moved together with my girlfriend in the process, and I've started my own business Gloo. With regard to this homepage, I've dumped my old home-grown CMS system written in Ruby, and replaced it with Drupal. The time for home made CMS systems has passed, it makes much more sense to base it on an existing open source CMS system, unless you have specific requirements, and the money to pay for it.

I've installed the i18n module on this Drupal installation, in order to be able to offer different languages. Not just because my old CMS system supported different languages, but rather because it solves a 'problem':

Back when I created my first homepage it was in English. Basically because pretty much everything on the net was English, and half the people I expected to read it, spoke English. Times has changed, and I could write in all Danish if I wanted to, and still have an audience.

However, I was planning to use xen.dk as staging ground for some projects that could see an international audience. For instance, I've been talking with Morten about better image handling in Drupal, and if we want any feedback from the Drupal community, English is the way forward.

So this is a multilingual site, even though I'll be 'either or' most of the time.