Release early release *often*

I was exited when I stumbled upon the news of Ruby for UIQ. Having an UIQ phone and being very fond of the Ruby language, I saw an opportunity for perhaps doing some applications for my phone. Technically, I could brush up my Java and make something right now, but truth be told, I just can't be arsed. Java is somewhat low level, and the amount of work involved keeps me away. For me to get involved, it would require a low effort to get started, and it might develop into more then.

So I was rather disappointed to find out that it's just a prof of concept, which is basically able to draw a few shapes and play a sound. Quite limits the possibilities of what is possible to make, to the degree of being useless for anything useful, really.

Google tells me that it first made an appearance a year ago, and nothing has happened since. Which is sad.

I'd love a decently integrated Ruby interpreter on my phone. Something capable of doing a reasonable user interface, perhaps being able to hook into the menubar icons and that sort of thing. The usual networking services available of course. And being able to actually write small programs on the fly would be marvellous, guess it's just writing an simple editor in Ruby itself, if all else fails.

But unless something suddenly shows up, it'll just be another nice idea.