The point of Bandaid

I've recently released version 1.0 of Bandaid, a Drush tool to help with patching, but in order for it to be useful, it requires a certain context. So let me explain how we ended up there.

At Reload! we've been using Drush Make for building sites for quite some time. It haven't always been a happy relationship, and in some cases it's been downright a pain.

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At long last...

It's taken ages, bit finally I got round to upgrade to Drupal 7. I had to migrate away from some obsoleted modules, but I figure the Drupal 8 upgrade should be a bit less problematic.

Decode your configuration

Recently, after various discussions around the net, I've realised something important. Repeat after me:

Configuration isn't code.

It might seem obvious written like that, but the current Drupal Configuration Management Initiative is based on the premise that configuration can be managed like code. Put in VCS like code. Pushed like code.

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Overriding Drush make

Seems that Drush make is becoming the way to build distributions and sites. Especially the ability to use recursive make files to let each module pull in it's own dependencies allows for compartmentalisation of things is handy.

However, some times it can get a bit in the way of thing. Picture this:

We're building a distribution which consists of a lot of, more or less optional, modules, which all pull in their dependencies using make files, whether it's contrib modules or our own. For everybodys sanity, they're all specifying specific versions of their dependencies.

Is Hitler really happy?

(If you don't get the title, watch this video.)

With the recent release of CTools/Panels alpha for Drupal 7, fears that Drupal 7 would have to go a long time without one of the more popular add-ons has been silenced. If Panels aren't ready on the D7 release day, it shouldn't be far behind.

So Hitler is happy, as is a lot of users and site builders.

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Field Gatekeeper

At work we've been trying to figure out better ways to deal with CCK fields on our sites. The sites we build are very custom build, with much code relying heavily on specific CCK fields.

So far, content type and field setup has been a manual process, with all the problems that brings.

We've dabbled a bit with content_copy, but as it's not able to update the field settings on an existing type, it's of no use past initial setup.

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E-Commerce 4 and QuickPay

It's been a long way, and a lot of that time has been spent barking up the wrong tree, but the E-Commerce 4 QuickPay module is getting somewhere.

As eC4 doesn't (yet) quite grasp the concept of 'authorized but not captured', ec_quickpay have to modify the workflow somewhat. Being eC4, the problem is not customizing it, the challenge is to figure out the best way to do it. Should it modify the existing workflow rules from ec_store, or should it disable them and create it's own? The latter is probably the most robust solution.

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