Language specific menu links hack

UPDATE: This post applies to Drupal 5, in Drupal 6 it doesn't work. An alternative is to use full URLs in the menu, like "", but that might not be acceptable in a given situation.

This is one of those hacks that just look wrong, but seems to work all-right.

Goal: Linking to a language specific path in a menu.

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Release early release *often*

I was exited when I stumbled upon the news of Ruby for UIQ. Having an UIQ phone and being very fond of the Ruby language, I saw an opportunity for perhaps doing some applications for my phone. Technically, I could brush up my Java and make something right now, but truth be told, I just can't be arsed. Java is somewhat low level, and the amount of work involved keeps me away. For me to get involved, it would require a low effort to get started, and it might develop into more then.

i18n and pathauto

The internationalization module (commonly know as the i18n module) and the pathauto modules are great modules, but when combined they do create a minor gotcha.

If you're the type to run statistics on your site, or otherwise look into how people are using your site, and have a fairly standard setup of i18n and pathauto, you'll discover that each node gets a path for each language you're using, regardless of what language the node really is.

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FFMPEG on Debian Etch

FFMPEG is a great package for converting different video formats, which is widely used by Drupal video modules. The trouble is that due to licensing issues, the default version in Debian is somewhat crippled. One notable issue is the lack of MP3 support.

Google will tell you that you need to compile your own version, if you want to have support for the missing formats, and there's no shortage of pages suggesting how to do it. None of which I'm particularly happy about, so here's my version.


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